Overwhelming Testimony For Reduced Pot Penalties in Texas

     March 13th, 2017, Texas House Committee on Criminal Jurisprudence heard overwhelming testimony in favor of HB81 today.  Only one person testified against the bill during the hearing.  Most people I have spoken to about the criminality of cannabis possession, are at least for reducing penalties to a civil offense. 

     The lone felony prosecutor from Ector Co who stood in opposition to the bill, inadvertently reinforced the reality that law enforcement agencies have become financially dependent on the exploitation of marijuana users.  An anonymous source from another Texas Co Sheriff's dept reported to me previously that marijuana arrests are how they make their revenue. 

     Laws should not exist to support the industry of law enforcement.  When enforcement becomes more of a threat to Freedom than the law it seeks to enforce, it is time to re-evaluate its purpose.

     This bill does not legalize possesion, use, or sale of cannabis products.  It does not completely decriminalize marijuana possession.  Individuals can be criminalized for something as insignificant as procedural non-compliance precipitated from even minor traffic violations.  If an individual fails to pay any fine, there are still legal consequences. 

Check out HB81 here...

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