Texas Weather Modification

That's right, weather modification!  I still run into people who thought it was a myth that someone could alter the weather.  It may not be as sci-fi as it sounded to them, but it is certainly real. 

Weather modification is widely used to influence agricultural production by adjusting storm precipitation.  What is not always talked about is how it can also suppress the rain.  Questions remain regarding the safety of "cloud seeding". 

As you research the effects of weather modification in your environment, consider which chemicals are implimented in modification efforts, and if there are any unintended consequences that may negatively affect weather patterns, or adversely result in climate extremes one way or the other.  Many environmentalists are concerned about carbon emissions (minimal effects in comparison), but few alert anyone to possible geoengineering projects. 

Check out the information below:

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Harvesting the Texas Skies in 2016 - A Summary of Rain Enhancement (Cloud Seeding) Operations in Texas
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