Local Experts Warn Against Cannabis Use

With all due respect to Sheriff Rowe from Lubbock County, he is unintentionally reinforcing the idea that prohibition has royally failed in an article by Fox34 News.  The presence of product contamination can be contributed to the lack of market regulation.  The illegality of any product or service makes that market dark and dangerous.  Criminalizing the whole plant cannabis creates the demand for synthetic or legal herb which is what causes the health risks. 

Dr. Comiskey should be educated on the benefits of THC as well.  I respect his efforts and gained knowledge from his classes, but he is not giving Cannabis justice for reducing opioid addiction by 25% on average in states where cannabis is legal.  THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, along with CBD have been proven to be very useful for many conditions which are often worsened by prescription drugs. 

If only they would honestly research the positive effects of the plant, then they may not be defending these destructive wars against the people's freedom. 

If you run into either of these men, remind them of how cannabis helped the kids who are now seizure free, the special needs person who no longer punches himself constantly, the cancer patient who was able to manage pain without further damaging the liver, and the veteran who successfully treated PTSD by exercising the freedom his military service was meant to protect.

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