Let apsTruth know how you free your mind!!

Questions you might ask yourself in your questS for truthS: 

Have I freed my mind today?
ex: Yes! 

What can I do to free my mind?
ex: laugh, dance, build sandcastles, play basketball, cry, wash the dishes, hug someone, juggle, hula hoop, listen to a good song, sing along etc.

What is it that I want to free my mind of?
ex: fear, doubt, anxiety, boredom, resentfulness, bigotry, hatefulness, and confusion 

Note: This question is not intended to bring negative energy, but if you don't recognize the system your freeing yourself from, chances are you'll keep being enslaved by it over and over again.

(Let "free" within this context always represent only what it means to you and you alone.)
apsTruth Activist, Alternative Truth Consultant

Has a degree in Human Development and Family Studies from Texas Tech University, has devoted her life to ensure the empowerment of individuals through freedom, free markets, personal responsibility, and above ALL else, Love!

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