"Some Chemical Compounds Just Naturally Go Together" (others...we just don't know about)!

This patented skin care system uses coconut oil derived from the cocunut kernal and beet juice extract.  Hints the name: "cocamidopropyl betaine", an ingredient used in popular skin and personal care products which is said to be a natural remedy for dryness. Derived directly from the coconut kernal, mixed with beet juice, the organic chemical compound could be very safe.

However, it is combined with a propyl gallet, or "dimethylaminopropyl". Whatever that is? When you begin to break this particular component down, it starts to get a little unclear on how it is organic and why it is necessary at all! The manufacurers find that using these chemical substances make it more marketable for preservation and solubility.  Some organic product makers have discontinued the use of this ingredient in thier products because of the unatural chemical process that it must undergo.

Perhaps we could skip this process and leave out the "dimethylaminopropyl".  If "dimethylaminopropyl" is used in the making of cocomidepropyl betaine (put in many personal care products), why is it not listed as an organic compound in this form?  

If you buy the correct organic/natural compounds, you can make your own personal care products.  Naturaly occurring chemical compounds exist and are just as effective if stored efficiently.  Remember that any substance, be it organic or inorganic, can be abused and potentially hazardous if it is not used properly.
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