Make Your Own All Natural Toothpaste!

Cheap, natural, sugar-free, mildly flavored and the best thing you'll ever encounter for bad breath.
by MrAloeVera

4 parts baking soda
2 parts Aloe Vera - Uh, make sure you don’t get the kind made for sunburns. This needs to be 100% Aloe Vera, fresh from a plant or a food grade store-bought. My plant died in an out-of-character cold snap, so I went with a pure Skin Gel from Aloe Life. It’s states right on the bottle that it is good for the gums.
1 part hydrogen peroxide
1 part water (you can add more water and peroxide for a thinner consistency)
1 part peppermint extract (available at the grocery store)

Directions: Put it all in a small jar with a tight lid (I use a small canning jar). Shake it up baby now. You could even do a little twist and shout. I use a tiny little spoon to scoop out a small amount (pea-size) for each use. This is in order to keep the jar relatively germ-free since there are no preservatives (albeit the baking soda may help preserve to some small extent). The jar and lid are easily washable but try to keep the lid as clean and dry as possible to avoid rust. Ditch it if you find any rust (or try an all-natural rust cleaner). This makes enough toothpaste to last two adults about 3 weeks, depending on how much you use.
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