The Science Behind Laughter Yoga

It is not a hyperbole. Laughter could possibly be the best medicine! Research studies suggest laughter has a positive impact on people with multiple health conditions from depression to diabetes.

People who have seen results are not just laughing at something humorous, though the results may be similar. They are laughing with a purpose, as a structured therapy.
There are many types of yoga that can keep you well and in great shape. But if you like yoga, and you love laughing, you should try this alternative!

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History of War for Your Health

What's all that "Racket"?  It is best to stop and smell the history! 100 Years ago, the US declared war on Germany.  History gives us the ability to change the future. The justifications for war are commonly pushed by centralized media monopolies.  Things get blown way out of proportion under stress and fear.  So relax and share the optimal notion of freedom, prosperity, and PEACE!

Cannabis for Autism

     This April, celebrate Autism Awareness Month, not just by joining community walks, but by acknowledging the positive effects cannabis has on the most aggressive symptoms of autism.  Though I highly discourage people to break the law, I want to commend the parents and caregivers who face possible incarceration for speaking out about the benefits they have experienced with cannabis for treating autism.  
     The Zartler Family has committed to cannabis advocacy publicly, at the risk of becoming felons. They shared their story with the world and our Texas Legislature, to hopefully find sanctuary from government intrusion, and continue treating their autistic daughter.  They are not the only Texas family who struggles to find peace living with autism.  Many families have exhausted all the recommended and legal options for treating uncontrollably violent behavior.  These families tend to be strong, but they are still human.  Being repetitively beaten by your adult child, who you know does not fully understand the impact of his or her actions, can be more than overwhelming.  
     After half the states legalized medical cannabis on some level, we now have groundbreaking research that could revolutionize the medical industry and the way everyone views cannabis.  Several research studies reveal a link between people with autism and a gene mutation which inhibits the body's endocannabinoid system from producing cannabinoids.  They claim that cannabis can help!  Great news for the treatment of autism, right?  This research credibly reinforces the anecdotal evidence we are seeing from the effects of cannabis concentrates on symptoms of autism (of which may include aggressive and self-injurious behavior, uncontrollable screaming, and violent gestures).  
     The Texas House Committee of Criminal Jurisprudence voted 4-2 in favor of HB81, to reduce the penalty of marijuana possession from a criminal to a civil offense.  For most average citizens who slip up once or twice, this bill will save them time and money.  It may also cut down on cost of enforcement associated with low level possession.  But for those who need cannabis in its concentrated forms, to treat severe illnesses, this bill does not provide a solution.  These people would remain felons for possessing an herb that may keep them alive.  Even though some may find medical relief without the concentrated form, according to the amendments made to HB81 before it passed committee, people will only be "allowed" up to three chances before their possession becomes a Class C Misdemeanor again.  There is bipartisan support for this bill which many see as a step forward in the efforts of legalization in the future.  The step is positive, but does not in any way represent individual freedom.  Let's keep taking more steps toward the goal of freedom.  
     Help support the cause for the safe and legal access of medicinal cannabis for so many suffering from debilitating conditions in Texas.  Check out these bills, contact your legislators, and encourage them to support them: HB2107 and SB269 (safe and legal access to medicinal cannabis).  If you have questions about how to proceed, check out these resources to guide you through it: Texas for Responsible Marijuana Policy, Republicans Against Marijuana Prohibition

Always in Liberty!

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Local Experts Warn Against Cannabis Use

With all due respect to Sheriff Rowe from Lubbock County, he is unintentionally reinforcing the idea that prohibition has royally failed in an article by Fox34 News.  The presence of product contamination can be contributed to the lack of market regulation.  The illegality of any product or service makes that market dark and dangerous.  Criminalizing the whole plant cannabis creates the demand for synthetic or legal herb which is what causes the health risks. 

Dr. Comiskey should be educated on the benefits of THC as well.  I respect his efforts and gained knowledge from his classes, but he is not giving Cannabis justice for reducing opioid addiction by 25% on average in states where cannabis is legal.  THC, the psychoactive component of cannabis, along with CBD have been proven to be very useful for many conditions which are often worsened by prescription drugs. 

If only they would honestly research the positive effects of the plant, then they may not be defending these destructive wars against the people's freedom. 

If you run into either of these men, remind them of how cannabis helped the kids who are now seizure free, the special needs person who no longer punches himself constantly, the cancer patient who was able to manage pain without further damaging the liver, and the veteran who successfully treated PTSD by exercising the freedom his military service was meant to protect.

Texas Weather Modification

That's right, weather modification!  I still run into people who thought it was a myth that someone could alter the weather.  It may not be as sci-fi as it sounded to them, but it is certainly real. 

Weather modification is widely used to influence agricultural production by adjusting storm precipitation.  What is not always talked about is how it can also suppress the rain.  Questions remain regarding the safety of "cloud seeding". 

As you research the effects of weather modification in your environment, consider which chemicals are implimented in modification efforts, and if there are any unintended consequences that may negatively affect weather patterns, or adversely result in climate extremes one way or the other.  Many environmentalists are concerned about carbon emissions (minimal effects in comparison), but few alert anyone to possible geoengineering projects. 

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